Somaliland Age reduction campaign

Congratulation for voting the age reduction to 25 years by the Somaliland parliament.. Also the uper house of elders {Gourti} was approved the age reduction, and only the president waiting to sign and approve, and we hope that he will do as the youth want.

Thanks The National Endowment for Democracy support and also SOYVO and SONYO did together hard work lobbing and Advocacy activities to push the parliament members and other stakeholders

1st December 2011 SOYVO organized with collaboration S/L National AIDS Commission on different activities of all sizes and shapes, from lectures, drama performance, public speech, radio and television programme, Develop and distribute pamphlets eye-catching T-shirts, hanging Banners, carries awareness Massage symposium at City Plaza Hotel Hotel, in Burao Somaliland. We have to be accountable to ourselves, our friends, our families and be safe in the face of AIDS. And a generally celebration which was intended to support

Peace Day

SOYVO has been holding an annual peace day celebration 21st September 2010 in Barwaqo Hotel Burao Somaliland, to raise awareness of Peace Day since the beginning, Under Democracy support fron NED. 120 people from Different sectors of the community were attended this meeting including; Government, NGO, Business Groups, Traditional and religious leader …

The Theme “Peace keeping is the obligation of every individual”

SOYVO: Shaqodoon program

SOYVO conducted graduation ceremony held in Barwaqo Hotel in Burao on shaqodoon program, which have been completed their courses in different topics such as; work readiness, accountant, and office administration skills for job preparation, 60 students have been graduated the program in 10 months.

Education Development Center (EDC) and SOYVO share a similar vision concerning the strong potential of training, career counseling and work experience to improve livelihood outcomes for Somali youth: Both parties believe that market-driven learning and hands-on experience combined with mobile phone-based livelihoods information services can enhance young Somalis’ ability to find work and training—thereby improving their economic and social conditions dramatically.

Solid west management awareness campaign

SOYVO conducted school forum meetings, which attended five intermediate and secondary schools for Burao solid west management awareness raisin g program. The general objective was “improve municipal solid waste service delivery & sanitation in five municipalities in Somaliland”. Cesvi, under the agreement with UN-Habitat, provides support for the improvement of the solid waste management in Burao city through an effective partnership with SOYVO.
The program was join activities including; Drama performances, student committees training, teacher training, discussions, public speech, distribution sanitation tools, and drawing competition on solid west and its risks for community and school environment. The beneficiaries school names are; Sheikh Bashir, Sheikh Osman Nuur, Togdheer, Mahud A. Ali, and Osman Abdi Ali.


SOYVO cup football tournament will start in Ainabo district; 10 serial A teams will be participate this competition. This event is yearly activity for the young people who are interesting on sports and it will take 15 day. The selected teams will be passed on 6 teams from Ainabo, 2 teams from Wadama-goo, and 2 teams from Oog…..


SOYVO has taken part the Celebration of World AIDS day on 1st Dec celebration 2009. The theme this year is “Universal access and Human rights” with the slogan, the theme of World AIDS Day this year is so important.
World AIDS Day marked in our plan to do with several events on different Places
We have been organized and conducted different activities through world AIDS day celebration; including;
· Marching in the roads
· Public speech in Burao Khaira
· Prepare and distributed large slogans, leaflets
· Drama performances; passing HIV/AIDS messages through traditional dances